lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2011

The Arab Revolution

Things in Libya has now turned to upside down, In Thursday Libya goverment decised to stop attacking and start to "negotiate", seems that was just total bullshit from Gaddafi as in today they started to attack Bengazi,  Gaddafi's army force have bombarded Bengazi and it is 20 km away from the city, The rebels has got one plain down presumably the Western-forces will aid the rebels soon, if they don't attack in time there could be a total massacre in Bengazi. Let's just hope the best. Best thing is to follow international media and Al Jazeera ( Strong arabic news broadcasting station)

 Suomalaisille lukijoille ehdotan Helsingin Sanomien sivujen lukemista, Al Jazeeran kautta katsomista ja tietenkin kansainvälisen ja etenkin suomalaisten uutissivujen katsomista.

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