keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2011

Tajusin juuri

Miten loistava sarja Asema 62 ja Sons of Anarchy on.

sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011


War in Libya have escalated, Yesterday around time 18:00-19:00 French airplanes were saw flying in Libya, after that it didn't take long to French Airplanes to attack four Gaddafi tanks, after that USA Warship have launched many missiles to Tripoli(capital of Libya) and Misrata(very major army base) national media claims that more than 110 missiles were launch. 

In this day France claims they have destroyed bunch of armored vehicle, British airforce is now in Libya and operating claims their PM  Cameron.

Watch and read the internatinal media for more information!

lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2011

The Arab Revolution

Things in Libya has now turned to upside down, In Thursday Libya goverment decised to stop attacking and start to "negotiate", seems that was just total bullshit from Gaddafi as in today they started to attack Bengazi,  Gaddafi's army force have bombarded Bengazi and it is 20 km away from the city, The rebels has got one plain down presumably the Western-forces will aid the rebels soon, if they don't attack in time there could be a total massacre in Bengazi. Let's just hope the best. Best thing is to follow international media and Al Jazeera ( Strong arabic news broadcasting station)

 Suomalaisille lukijoille ehdotan Helsingin Sanomien sivujen lukemista, Al Jazeeran kautta katsomista ja tietenkin kansainvälisen ja etenkin suomalaisten uutissivujen katsomista.
Haven't been writing for a little long time.

So what's happening in Finnish Esport pro gaming? Well, lot's of things has happened, Team Menace(CSS) team has split up,  ESH Tf2 Rush Poker Challenge have been very interesting, Let's say that most of the great teams did loose and didn't get to continue (Epsilon,Refuse,YoTech, Power Gaming)

Let's see what will happend in Flai Gaming Tournament.

sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2011


Kyynel päätti lähteä power gaming:istä.

Cyynel decided to leave from Power gaming.